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May 13, 2015 by tony

Comparing Windows VPS to RDP Hosting: Is there a Difference?

What's the difference between Windows VPS and traditional RDP hosting? Are providers playing semantics with terminology in order to gain additional customers? In this article, we'll take a look at the differences, if any, between RDP hosting and Windows VPS. Don't Fall Victim to a Marketing Play Welcome to the world of technology: Large players in the tech industry are notorious for rebundling and renaming technology in order to make a sale. In our opinion, Windows VPS gives end users the same robust capabilities that any Windows based RDP hosting solution currently offers. Depending upon the provider, we believe that traditional RDP hosting services are inferior to the Windows based virtual private servers offered by CheapWindowsVPS. When shop for "RDP hosting," you'll notice that many of the providers offer vague details concerning the actual specifics of the servers that you'll be logging into. That's because the term RDP hosting is merely a marketing pl...
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