Comparing Windows VPS to RDP Hosting: Is there a Difference?

What’s the difference between Windows VPS and traditional RDP hosting? Are providers playing semantics with terminology in order to gain additional customers? In this article, we’ll take a look at the differences, if any, between RDP hosting and Windows VPS.

Don’t Fall Victim to a Marketing Play

Welcome to the world of technology: Large players in the tech industry are notorious for rebundling and renaming technology in order to make a sale. In our opinion, Windows VPS gives end users the same robust capabilities that any Windows based RDP hosting solution currently offers.

Depending upon the provider, we believe that traditional RDP hosting services are inferior to the Windows based virtual private servers offered by CheapWindowsVPS.

When shop for “RDP hosting,” you’ll notice that many of the providers offer vague details concerning the actual specifics of the servers that you’ll be logging into. That’s because the term RDP hosting is merely a marketing play for companies trying to resell and repackage Windows VPS services.

Save Over 66% Compared to the Competition

At CheapWindowsVPS, you can buy a dedicated VPS starting out at just $10 per month. Other services can charge you triple that amount for the same level of service.

With CheapWindowsVPS, your VPS is always hosted on a RAID-50 cluster ensuring maximum uptime and data failover protection. Since our virtual private servers only use SSDs, your Windows instance will be able to rapidly run even the most sophisticated applications.

Organizations typically use Windows VPS as a hosted Remote Desktop solution, giving end users the ability to remote into their virtual workstation from any smart device, desktop PC or laptop that has an available internet connection.

Whether you have contract workers, work from home users or overseas end users, Windows VPS is a widely accepted solution for these scenarios because it provides flexibility, advanced security and complete control over the end user’s experience.

CheapWindowsVPS Gives Your Organization a Global Presence  

Since CheapWindowsVPS has data centers located on the East coast, West coast, the center of America as well as a data center in Europe, you can feel confident about buying a VPS that’s physically close to your end users.

There’s also an inherent advantage in hosting your VPS near your on-site or colocated datacenter: You’ll experience lower ping times and less latency by choosing a data center closer to your operations hub. Many RDP hosting outfits providers do not allow their  customers to choose the actual location of their RDP node, which can cause unexpected delays and increased latency.

When you need to fulfill an RDP hosting need, CheapWindowsVPS can provide you with a remote desktop PC that allows you to login using any RDP software that you’d like. This includes the RDP client bundled with all versions of Windows and MAC. Linux can also to configured to connect using RDP.

You Design the Solution; We Give You the Tools to Succeed

We believe that one size doesn’t fit all. Your organization’s objectives are unique to your mission statement.

CheapWindowsVPS has diverse VPS plans that can be customized to meet your company’s objectives. With solutions starting at $10 per month, CheapWindowsVPS is guaranteed to fit all budgets.

Whether you’re a startup, a small business owner or a large corporate client, our VPS lineup will be able meet the demands of your user base.

Unlike other providers, CheapWindowsVPS allows you to choose which version of Windows you’d like to use within your environment. Popular desktop versions of Windows such as Windows 7 are available, however more advanced users may want to utilize Windows Server 2003, 2008 or 2012. CheapWindowsVPS even allows you to host Linux servers, which can also be configured to be accessed using RDP.

Regardless of your choice, you can instantly provision these operating systems as soon as you sign up for a VPS on our website. CheapWindowsVPS gives you a predictable cost per month for remote desktop hosting services, which helps you accurately budget for other technical services within your organization.