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April 20, 2015 by tony

Build Your Own Server for Gaming with a Windows VPS

All avid PC gamers have one thing in common. They hate sucky ping times! When you connect to a server to play your online game, the biggest drag on your online gaming experience is lag. If you're playing on a gaming server that's a repurposed computer hooked to DSL in your basement, you might want to donate the old PC to a needy charity. Instead, lease a Windows virtual private server to host your online game! Plans at CheapWindowsVPS start at $10 per month. 3 Reasons to Use CheapWindowsVPS over an In-Home Server
  • Our VPSs use Solid State Drives - This means your game sessions runs smoothly.
  • A Burstable 1Gbps Network Connection - Ultra Low Ping Times!
  • Easy to Setup - If you can setup an in-home server, VPS will be a breeze.
Test Our Ping Times When you begin looking for a VPS to host your PC game, you'll learn that the only metric that really matters is...
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