Build Your Own Server for Gaming with a Windows VPS

All avid PC gamers have one thing in common. They hate sucky ping times! When you connect to a server to play your online game, the biggest drag on your online gaming experience is lag.

If you’re playing on a gaming server that’s a repurposed computer hooked to DSL in your basement, you might want to donate the old PC to a needy charity. Instead, lease a Windows virtual private server to host your online game! Plans at CheapWindowsVPS start at $10 per month.

3 Reasons to Use CheapWindowsVPS over an In-Home Server

  • Our VPSs use Solid State Drives – This means your game sessions runs smoothly.
  • A Burstable 1Gbps Network Connection – Ultra Low Ping Times!
  • Easy to Setup – If you can setup an in-home server, VPS will be a breeze.

Test Our Ping Times

When you begin looking for a VPS to host your PC game, you’ll learn that the only metric that really matters is the ping time of your server. It’s a good idea to find a datacenter that is within close proximity of all of the gamers.

If the gamers in your group are located all around the globe, you’ll want to get a server that is in a centralized location. CheapWindowsVPS has established a datacenter presence United States and Europe. Check out CheapWindowsVPS’s ping times for yourself:

  • Los Angeles, California (Ping:
  • Chicago, Illinois (Ping:
  • Buffalo, New York (Ping:
  • Paris, France (Ping:

Try CheapWindowsVPS Today

CheapWindowsVPS makes it easy to get a VPS for hosting your game. Popular games such as Minecraft and Half Life have found homes on Windows based virtual private servers.

When you setup a VPS for gaming, you can invite your friends to play on your private server, or you could open it up to the world and challenge anyone who is willing show up and face off. The possibilities are endless.

If you’re interested in buying a VPS for gaming, we encourage you to check out the Windows VPS and VDS line up at CheapWindowsVPS.