February 6, 2015 by tony

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Cheap Windows VPS Now Supports Alipay

In efforts to better serve our clients in China, we’re excited to announce that we’ve decided to start offering you a new way to pay. Alipay is now available for those would like to begin using the popular 3rd party payment service. Alipay is comparable to PayPal and it gives you a safe way of sending funds from China. We value our international business clientele and we’re looking for new ways to continue to innovate our service in efforts to help you achieve your organization’s goals. Here at Cheap Windows VPS, we strive to provide you with agile solutions. When you purchase a Windows based virtual private server, not only are you getting a powerful VPS at an affordable price, you can be assured that your server is being hosted by a company that understands international business. Our blazing fast 1Gbps uplinks ensure that your organization can have a presence in America and Western Europe. We ensure that your data moves around the globe quickly and efficiently so you c...
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January 31, 2015 by tony


3 Commonly Hosted SEO Apps on Windows VPS

Website entrepreneurs utilize a variety of tools in order boost their website's search engine ranking. Windows virtual private servers are often used for SEO purposes because it makes sense to host these resource intensive applications on a dedicated platform. These tools often require your machine to cycle through different proxy connections, perform data manipulation tasks or they could require your computer to transmit or download data at a rapid rate. When you look at what some of these applications actually do, it's easy to see why a VPS is a much more suitable option versus building out a machine and plugging it into your home network. ScrapeBox ScrapeBox is among the top tools used by website marketers. ScrapeBox is an all in one suite that allows you to gain insight into your particular niche. ScrapeBox allows you to harvest URLs to gain insight into what your competitors are doing in regards to their backlink campa...
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January 29, 2015 by tony

VPS vs. VDS: A Comparison of the Two Server Types

When you are shopping for a virtual private server, you may be wondering what the difference is between VPS and VDS. At first glance, a VDS or a virtual dedicated server seems to be a fancy label for a higher end VPS. This isn't entirely untrue as a VDS could be considered a VPS in some circles, depending on who you ask. Virtualization technology is commonly used in enterprises all around the world. Virtualization isn't anything new. In fact, the technology has existed for well over a decade and it has been perfected by software vendors such as Microsoft and VMWare. Server virtualization has become so advanced, some tests show that virtualized servers can rival those built on bare metal. Among hosting professionals, there's several distinguishable differences between traditional VPS and VDS. VDS: A Virtualized Server Instance Tied to a Single Dedicated Server Providers commonly take dedicated servers and partition them into multiple virtual server instances...
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January 27, 2015 by tony


5 Popular Uses of a Windows VPS

A Windows virtual private server is an allocated Windows Server instance that is being hosted within a hypervisor. You can configure a Windows VPS with dedicated CPU and memory resources. This custom tailored setup ensures that your applications are functioning within a compliant environment. A Windows VPS can also be configured with different roles and features to meet your organization's core objectives. You might be wondering, what are some popular uses for Windows VPS hosting? SQL Database Hosting Most organizations use SQL to organize, store and retrieve their data from databases. Windows Server is a highly versatile operating system that can host both MS-SQL, MySQL and other popular SQL database platforms. Some organizations decide to use Microsoft SQL Server or SQL Server Express on their Windows virtual private servers. Other utilize the SQL server as a backend for their website. Website Hosting Windows Server can be configured as a web...
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