April 10, 2015 by tony

Using a VPS as a Proxy Server for your Organization

Do you have a small to medium sized enterprise that is looking for an affordable content filtering solution? Research suggests that countless hours of office productivity are wasted when employees use their browsers to read the latest pop culture gossip rather than focusing on the work at hand. Recapturing Lost Productivity with a Proxy Server Most organizations combat this problem by building out a proxy server that handles all of an organization's web traffic. Using a proxy server as a content filtering solution is one of the easiest and most affordable ways for a SME to reclaim lost productivity. Although datacenter appliances that are specially tailored for content filtering exist, these solutions are often too costly and impractical for implementation within a SMEs. Implementing a Proxy Server on your Cheap Windows VPS A popular program that Windows administrators use to transform their VPS into a proxy server is called Read more

March 26, 2015 by tony

How to Setup and Fund a Bitcoin Wallet

Using Bitcoin to pay your CheapWindowsVPS invoice is just one more innovative way that we've equipped our platform to better serve the unique needs of our customers. In order to begin using bitcoin as a payment method, you must first setup a bitcoin wallet. If you're new to bitcoin, getting started can become a little confusing. As a result, we've compiled some resources below that can help you setup a bitcoin wallet. GreenAddress.it: A Versatile, Trusted Bitcoin Wallet GreenAddress.it is one of the most secure, web based bitcoin wallets that you can get. The platform is free and other than some basic login details, the GreenAddress platform requires very little information from you. This can be advantageous if you are using bitcoin to preserve your privacy online. The GreenAddress platform offers two factor authentication which is used to keep intruders from hacking your wallet and stealing the contents. GreenAddress i...
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Cheap Windows VPS Implements Stripe for Credit Card Payments

Stripe is rapidly becoming one of the leading credit card processors being utilized by online merchants today. We're proud to announce that we've converted our credit card payment gateway to Stripe. After reviewing the features, functionality and overall security of Stripe, it became clear that Stripe was just one more way we could provide our customers with security and flexibility when they pay their invoices. Why We Chose Stripe  Stripe enables businesses to easily build, test and utilize development regarding credit card payment solutions. In efforts to continuously provide value driven VPS services for our clients, Stripe became an easy choice due to the low, manageable fees combined with industry leading security that surrounds the platform. Stripe keeps your information safe by using industry leading technology. We understand that the payment methods accepted by a VPS host may largely dictate the provider you choose. CheapWindowsVPS's new payment optio...
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March 12, 2015 by tony

Windows Dedicated Servers: Why Bare Metal Could Be the Best Option For You

Organizations choose Windows dedicated servers for a variety of reasons. Bare metal Windows servers could be the best option for your company if you require speed, performance and reliability. Bare metal differs from VPS in the sense that there is no virtualized layer running on top of the server. Removing this barrier allows you to have complete control over the dedicated resources you have purchased. Here's 3 popular ways organizations utilize bare metal servers: Extend Your Infrastructure Bare metal servers give organizations of any size an affordable way to extend their on-site infrastructure. You can achieve this setup by simply adding your dedicated Windows server onto your local domain. Purchasing a bare metal server that is collocated in one of our strategically located datacenters will help you delegate your current infrastructure's workload. Rather than building your own server and shipping it to a datacenter and paying colocation fees, leasing a ser...
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March 8, 2015 by tony

Announcing Support for Ubuntu, Debian and CentOS – Cheap Linux VPS

Most modern web applications require the LAMP platform. CheapWindowsVPS is proud to announce that is has included Ubuntu, Debian and CentOS as operating system choices that you can select at checkout. Using one of these three Linux distributions, you can begin to build, install or host apps in a native Linux environment. LAMP is an acronym for Linux Apache MySQL and PHP. LAMP is a popular standard for web developers. Virtual private servers are often used when teams begin building their development environment. Small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) often utilize Linux based virtual private servers. Starting at $10 Per Month Our value focused brand allows you get the maximum value for your hosting dollar. Our robust infrastructure allows you to choose which part of the globe you'd like to position your VPS. Each VPS comes standard with a 1Gbps burstable connection so that your web apps operate at their fullest capacity. Instantly ...
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March 4, 2015 by tony

Using a Windows VPS to Host Your Forex Trading Platform

Global currency traders have embraced virtual private servers running Windows as platform for their Forex trading endeavors. A Windows VPS is the perfect solution for Forex traders who are looking for a resilient solution to host their Metatrader 4 application. Why Do Traders Prefer VPS for Forex? Since latency plays a big part in currency trading world, using a VPS often provides significant advantages over those who have decided to build out servers on premises. By using a VPS, your trades are executed using our robust bandwidth. This direct link to an internet backbone gives traders an edge in an industry where a few milliseconds could make the difference between a significant profit and a significant loss. Professional Forex App on Hosting on VPS The most commonly used application by Forex traders is MetaTrader 4. Although there is a Metatrader 5 application available, many users have stuck with the Metatrader 4 version. Metatrader 4 i...
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February 20, 2015 by tony


Shared Windows Web Hosting with WebsitePanel

If you are starting to build your web presence, a virtual private server may not be right the fit for you just yet. With this in mind, CheapWindowsVPS is proud to present its new shared hosting option starting at just $5 per month. We want to be the infrastructure powering your web properties from the very beginning and we are excited to offer this new type of website hosting to our valued clients. WebsitePanel: An Open Source Website Manager for Windows VPS WebsitePanel is the most popular website manager portal for the Windows Server architecture. With WebsitePanel, you will be able to easily deploy popular website applications such as WordPress and Joomla with just a few clicks. Get a graphical, web based view of all of the files located on your shared web hosting account. WebsitePanel gives you access to log files concerning your website. This gives you a granular view of all of the activities, hits, visits, access attempts and more concerning your website. ...
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February 17, 2015 by tony

Windows 7 VPS – Available as an OS Option

One commonly asked question about virtual private servers is, "Can I run Windows 7 instead of Windows Server 2003, 2008 or 2012?" It’s a fair question to ask since Windows 7 is not a server grade OS; it was built for desktop computing. Using virtualization, we are able to now offer Windows 7 SP1 64-bit as an operating system option on any of our server packages. Even if you purchase one of our new Bare Metal servers, you can still choose Windows 7 as your preferred operating system at checkout. Why would an organization want to use Windows 7 on their hosted VPS or Bare Metal server? A Native Windows 7 Desktop Environment Windows 7 was the first operating system that really pushed virtual desktop computing to its limits. Windows 7 is optimized for remote desktop access and the interface is familiar to most end users and technicians all around the world. If your organization uses applications that require the Windows 7 operating system, you can get around the emu...
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February 13, 2015 by tony


VPN on a Windows VPS: An In-depth Look At the Pros and Cons

VPN on VPS: An In-depth Look At the Pros and Cons  Leasing a low end Windows VPS box is an easy way for you to setup your own private VPN. Whether its a VPN access point for your organization or a personal dedicated VPN for internet access, getting a Windows VPS is the easiest way to begin building a VPN server. Let's ask the obvious questions, why exactly would you want a VPN server setup in the first place? What can it be used for and how do you set one up? VPN Offers Encryption and Privacy  When you setup a VPN server, your connection will be privately tunneled into your VPS that hosts the VPN architecture. This type of setup grants systems administrators granular control over their organizations access to the internet. Regardless of the underlying network you are using, VPN traffic is encrypted and the host provider will only be able to tell that there is an underlying connection between your machine and your VPS on their end. Since VPN ...
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February 10, 2015 by tony

WebsitePanel On Your Windows VPS

A Detailed Overview of WebsitePanel On Your Windows VPS If you intend to use your VPS to host multiple websites, you may be looking for an easier method to manage each of your web presences. Hosting websites using the IIS interface may be preferable if you are using your server as a dedicated web hosting box. If you plan on partitioning the space on your VPS among multiple websites, using the popular open source software WebsitePanel will certainly make life a lot easier for you. How Does WebsitePanel Work? If you've hosted websites on web servers before, you've probably used cPanel, Plesk or DirectAdmin. With these platforms, hosting providers give users a graphical interface of some of the most commonly executed tasks on their web server. WebsitePanel is the most popular website control panel for Windows servers. WebsitePanel is free, open-source and the product can be branded to match your offerings. Setting Up WebsitePanel Read more