Posted by tony on April 20, 2015

Build Your Own Server for Gaming with a Windows VPS

All avid PC gamers have one thing in common. They hate sucky ping times! When you connect to a server to play your online game, the biggest drag on your online gaming experience is lag. If you’re playing on a gaming server t

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Posted by tony on April 15, 2015

Hardening the Security on your Windows VPS

Although Windows Server is one of the most secure operating systems out of the box, you may want to implement additional security measures in order to deflect attacks on your virtual private server. Hardening the security on your

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Posted by tony on April 10, 2015

Using a VPS as a Proxy Server for your Organization

Do you have a small to medium sized enterprise that is looking for an affordable content filtering solution? Research suggests that countless hours of office productivity are wasted when employees use their browsers to read the latest po

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