Windows VPS Hosting in Bulgaria – Now Available

Announcing General Availability of VPS Hosting in Bulgaria  

In efforts to better serve our clients in the European, Middle East and African regions (EMEA), CheapWindowsVPS is proud to announce the opening of its 2nd European data center located in Bulgaria.

Why host your VPS in Bulgaria? 

When you spin up your Windows virtual private machine in Bulgaria, you’ll get the same “Blazing fast” uplink speeds that you currently enjoy when you host your VPS in any of our other data centers. In fact, we encourage you to ping our host in Bulgaria and evaluate the response time. (Bulgaria)

We’re positive that you’ll find that we have one of the best ping times in this region. When you host your Windows VPS in Bulgaria, you’ll be able to run server apps, SEO tools, game servers and more; all within a data center physically located closer to your organization.

Just like all of our other packages, when you host your VPS in Bulgaria, you’ll enjoy the same features and top-of-the-line services offered in all of our other world class data centers. This includes:

  • 1Gbp Network Uplink
  • Solid State Storage
  • Your Choice of Linux or Windows OS
  • A Fully Redundant RAID-50 Infrastructure
  • RDP, SSH and Other Remote Administration Capabilities
  • A 100% Money Back Guarantee

But wait, there’s more! When you sign up today, you’ll be able to spin up your virtual private server in Bulgaria immediately. With other providers, you may be required to wait for your VPS to be built out. With CheapWindowsVPS, your server is automatically provisioned giving you a competitive edge.

What are you waiting for? CheapWindowsVPS offers flexible payment options such as Bitcoin, all major credit cards, PayPal and more. Since we offer some of the best prices and customer service available on the market today, we’re confident that you’ll choose us as your exclusive provider for VPS services.

Sign up today! At checkout, select our Bulgarian data center and you’ll be able to host your workloads in Eastern Europe with just a few clicks of your mouse. At CheapWindowsVPS, it’s really that easy to host your virtual private server. Click here to begin building out your VPS server in Bulgaria today.