Windows Dedicated Servers: Why Bare Metal Could Be the Best Option For You

Organizations choose Windows dedicated servers for a variety of reasons. Bare metal Windows servers could be the best option for your company if you require speed, performance and reliability.

Bare metal differs from VPS in the sense that there is no virtualized layer running on top of the server. Removing this barrier allows you to have complete control over the dedicated resources you have purchased. Here’s 3 popular ways organizations utilize bare metal servers:

Extend Your Infrastructure

Bare metal servers give organizations of any size an affordable way to extend their on-site infrastructure. You can achieve this setup by simply adding your dedicated Windows server onto your local domain. Purchasing a bare metal server that is collocated in one of our strategically located datacenters will help you delegate your current infrastructure’s workload.

Rather than building your own server and shipping it to a datacenter and paying colocation fees, leasing a server is often a more attractive option. Leasing a server transforms the practice of buying data center hardware from a capital expense into an operating expense. Since you are leasing a server, your organization will not have to worry about replacing its physical hardware after a couple of years. As bare metal plans continue to mature and drop in price, you could easily select a new plan and move your servers image onto the new server when your current setup becomes obsolete.

Create Your Own Virtual Environment

By selecting a bare metal package, you can get full use out of the dedicated resources found on your server. Some organizations will lease a dedicated server only to install their own hypervisor such as Hyper-V.

This gives an administrator the power to divvy out the computing resources of the server to different departments within an organization. This type of setup can be helpful when you are developing applications that must be tested within different environments. Rather than buying several smaller VPS machines, some organizations buy a dedicated server and use it as their virtual sandbox for application QA.

Overall Increased Performance

Most organizations purchase Windows dedicated servers because bare metal infrastructure adds to the performance of their apps. CheapWindowsVPS builds its dedicated Windows servers using solid state hard drives. SSDs are shown to outperform traditional hard drives. Since our data center products are focused on speed, we thought it was obligatory to host all of our workloads using the latest technology.

Each bare metal server gets a physical 1Gbps dedicated connection ensuring no other hosts on the node encroach on your bandwidth allotment. CheapWindowsVPS also gives you in-depth analytics concerning the workload you are hosting. Our backend panel gives you a real time view of your server’s analytics which can be helpful to take note of as your organizations continues to grow. If you are hosting a large website or a popular application that end users constantly access, a bare metal server may be the solution your organization needs.

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