Windows 7 VPS – Available as an OS Option

One commonly asked question about virtual private servers is, “Can I run Windows 7 instead of Windows Server 2003, 2008 or 2012?” It’s a fair question to ask since Windows 7 is not a server grade OS; it was built for desktop computing. Using virtualization, we are able to now offer Windows 7 SP1 64-bit as an operating system option on any of our server packages. Even if you purchase one of our new Bare Metal servers, you can still choose Windows 7 as your preferred operating system at checkout. Why would an organization want to use Windows 7 on their hosted VPS or Bare Metal server?

A Native Windows 7 Desktop Environment

Windows 7 was the first operating system that really pushed virtual desktop computing to its limits. Windows 7 is optimized for remote desktop access and the interface is familiar to most end users and technicians all around the world. If your organization uses applications that require the Windows 7 operating system, you can get around the emulation and virtualization steps you’ve implemented in the past to run applications on Windows Server. Running applications on a native Windows 7 OS could give your application the stability it needs to run effectively.

Perfect for Remote Desktop

When you offer Windows Server as a remote desktop solution, you are presented with all kinds of features and functionalities that you may not normally need to achieve your core objectives. With Windows 7, you are getting an operating system that is optimized for remote desktop access. From a systems administrator stand point, you could lock down your hosted Windows 7 VPS using group policy. From an end users stand point, familiarity and functionality will allow them to work more comfortably and quickly.

Enable Your Remote Workforce

Virtual private servers running Windows 7 is commonly purchased for remote workforces. Providing them with this configuration ensures that there is no learning curve concerning the choice of operating system. Windows 7 can be configured in a variety of different ways giving your remote workforce the perfect amount of administrative capabilities on this VPS, if any. Windows 7 can provide your development team with an environment that could be used for QA testing. Website marketers often utilize Windows 7 based VPS machines to run SEO applications remotely and securely.

Responsive, Resilient, and Reliable Windows 7 Instances

Your remote workforce will be able to browse the web, install applications and use the VPS to store large files. Since our data centers have some of the best ping times in the industry, we’re confident that your Windows 7 VPS will run quickly and smoothly. All of our VPS offerings are built using SSDs with access to a 1Gbps network port. Your remote workforce will enjoy a reliable, rapid and robust Windows 7 virtual desktop experience.