WebsitePanel On Your Windows VPS

A Detailed Overview of WebsitePanel On Your Windows VPS

If you intend to use your VPS to host multiple websites, you may be looking for an easier method to manage each of your web presences. Hosting websites using the IIS interface may be preferable if you are using your server as a dedicated web hosting box. If you plan on partitioning the space on your VPS among multiple websites, using the popular open source software WebsitePanel will certainly make life a lot easier for you.

How Does WebsitePanel Work?

If you’ve hosted websites on web servers before, you’ve probably used cPanel, Plesk or DirectAdmin. With these platforms, hosting providers give users a graphical interface of some of the most commonly executed tasks on their web server. WebsitePanel is the most popular website control panel for Windows servers. WebsitePanel is free, open-source and the product can be branded to match your offerings.

Setting Up WebsitePanel

You can get WebsitePanel’s latest install package from the download link on its website at WebsitePanel is currently in version 2 and the platform has grown to become a robust management portal that gives users powerful options and flexibility when building out their web properties. WebsitePanel allows you to take control of your websites by performing sophisticated administration techniques with a few clicks of the mouse. WebsitePanel works seamlessly alongside WHMCS. WebsitePanel and WHMCS can work together to automate the creation and administration of web hosting accounts from a robust billing, support and administration platform.

Features of WebsitePanel

Within WebsitePanel, you can take complete control of your website. Rather than doing tasks manually within the GUI, WebsitePanel gives you the power to automate Windows hosting tasks by giving you a simple web based wizard that guides you through common tasks.

WebsitePanel can be used to achieve a variety of different tasks. In fact, WebsitePanel can be used with the following tools and modules:

  • Secure Folders Module – Ensure your directories are secured from those who shouldn’t have access.
  • Website Localization – Create Language Packs for International Users
  • WebsitePanel Enterprise Import Tool – Automatically bring your existing websites into WebsitePanel with this easy to use import tool
  • User Import Tool – Import Users from other WebsitePanel installations.
  • WebsitePanel VM-Config – Completely control your fleet of VPS servers from one screen
  • AW Stat Viewer – Get all of the logs from all of your services in one place!

Account Administration with WebsitePanel

When you begin creating accounts with WebsitePanel, you will be given several options that will allow you to oversee each account. WebsitePanel lists several account features that allow you to provide granular access to user accounts that you create for each specific website. After you’ve built out a domain on WebsitePanel, you can assign a pre-built hosting plan, assign hosting add-ons, see the running tasks for the specific website and review the audit logs.

Configuring Website Hosting Plans

When you create a website hosting plan, you can setup granular access privileges for individual website accounts. If you are an organization that has different teams working on different projects, you would want to be able to setup granular privileges for each of the users accessing each website. Setting up website plans helps your give dedicated resources towards a certain website.

When you are able to allocate your server space appropriately, you should be able to scale your infrastructure upwards at a predictable pace. When hosting websites natively on Windows Server, you may not have this type of insight. With WebsitePanel, you gain valuable insight into how the websites operating on your server impact the CPU load, disk space and bandwidth. With this insight, you are able to better allocate your VPS resources as needed.

Add Popular Web Apps Onto Your Websites

Administration of websites within WebsitePanel is simple and user friendly. You can add your favorite content management system apps such as WordPress, Joomla!, nopCommerce and others by using the Microsoft Web App Gallery icon found in the Hosting Spaces section of your WebsitePanel administration portal.

Get Started With WebsitePanel

What are you waiting for? WebsitePanel is free, open source and trusted within the Windows Server community. If you plan on using your Windows VPS to host multiple websites, the best way to achieve this feat is by installing WebsitePanel as a way to manage your portfolio of websites. With WebsitePanel, you can perform advanced administration tasks such as assigning dedicated IP addresses, partitioning disk space and much more. Get started with WebsitePanel on your Cheap Windows VPS today.