VPS Hosting in London, UK

Announcing General Availability of VPS Hosting in London, UK

CheapWindowsVPS is proud to announce the opening of its newest datacenter in London, UK. In order to better serve our clients, we decided that London was a prime location for our users to host their VPS workloads. Hosting your VPS in the United Kingdom has several built in advantages such as data sovereignty and physical proximity to your company’s headquarters.

Interested in Hosting Your VPS in London, UK?
When you start using your Windows VPS in our London data center, you’ll be able to get the same “Blazing fast” uplink speeds that we provide in all of our other data centers. Don’t believe us? Simply ping our test server hosted in London, UK and measure the response time for your self. (London, UK)

What other VPS services provide an actual server that lets you test their ping response times?

Hosting your Windows VPS in London, UK, will give you the ability to build apps, host SEO tools, and provide remote services. Best of all, when you know host with us, you can be confident that all of your data is safe and secure since we utilize RAID-50 on our servers.

CheapWindowsVPS allows your select any our competitively priced VPS packages and spin up the server in a data center of your choice. When you host your VPS in London, UK, you’ll enjoy the same features and top-of-the-line support that we offer in our other world class data centers. When you sign up for CheapWindowsVPS, you’ll get:

  • 1GbpNetworkUplink
  • SolidStateStorage for your Data
  • Your Choice of Linux or Windows based operating systems
  • A Fully Redundant RAID-50 Infrastructure
  • Remote Desktop, Shell access and Other Remote Administration Capabilities
  • A 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you sign up today, you’ll be able to gain access to your virtual private server in London, UK immediately. Some VPS providers may require you to wait for your VPS’s login credentials. With CheapWindowsVPS, your server is automatically provisioned as soon as you order it so that you can begin building and hosting apps as soon as you sign up.
Best of all, CheapWindowsVPS is proud to offer flexible payment options such as Bitcoin, all major credit cards, PayPal and more. We’re confident that we provide you with the best prices and customer service available in the VPS market. Sign up today and see why CheapWindowsVPS ranks highly in terms of customer satisfaction.

When you go through our streamlined checkout process, ensure that you select our London, UK data center so that you’ll be able to host your VPS workloads in Western Europe. At CheapWindowsVPS, we provide you with the tools that are necessary to host your virtual private server in the location you choose. Click here to begin selecting specifications for your next VPS server hosted in our London, UK facility.