Cheap Windows VPS Implements Stripe for Credit Card Payments

Stripe is rapidly becoming one of the leading credit card processors being utilized by online merchants today. We’re proud to announce that we’ve converted our credit card payment gateway to Stripe. After reviewing the features, functionality and overall security of Stripe, it became clear that Stripe was just one more way we could provide our customers with security and flexibility when they pay their invoices.

Why We Chose Stripe 

Stripe enables businesses to easily build, test and utilize development regarding credit card payment solutions. In efforts to continuously provide value driven VPS services for our clients, Stripe became an easy choice due to the low, manageable fees combined with industry leading security that surrounds the platform. Stripe keeps your information safe by using industry leading technology.

We understand that the payment methods accepted by a VPS host may largely dictate the provider you choose. CheapWindowsVPS’s new payment options empower our users to begin building, testing and deploying virtual private servers using the payment methods that work best for them.

Using Your Credit Card as a Payment Method 

If you are a new customer, you will be able to pay with your credit card in our shopping cart. Once you hit send, your information is encrypted and sent over a private channel to Stripe in order for them to verify your payment details.

If you are an existing customer, you can simply choose the credit card method to pay your invoice inside of our billing portal. When you receive your invoice in email, you can choose to manually use your credit card to pay your invoice. Your payment information will be encrypted and processed through Stripe using industry leading security.

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