Shared Windows Web Hosting with WebsitePanel

If you are starting to build your web presence, a virtual private server may not be right the fit for you just yet. With this in mind, CheapWindowsVPS is proud to present its new shared hosting option starting at just $5 per month. We want to be the infrastructure powering your web properties from the very beginning and we are excited to offer this new type of website hosting to our valued clients.

WebsitePanel: An Open Source Website Manager for Windows VPS

WebsitePanel is the most popular website manager portal for the Windows Server architecture. With WebsitePanel, you will be able to easily deploy popular website applications such as WordPress and Joomla with just a few clicks. Get a graphical, web based view of all of the files located on your shared web hosting account. WebsitePanel gives you access to log files concerning your website. This gives you a granular view of all of the activities, hits, visits, access attempts and more concerning your website.

WebsitePanel vs. cPanel

WebsitePanel is the leading website manager for Windows Servers. cPanel is another popular website manager that is used by web hosting platforms built on the LAMP platform. LAMP is an acronym for Linux, Apache, PHP and MySQL. cPanel is typically used as a website control panel interface for servers running Linux. WebsitePanel is a similar offering that is built for Windows Server.

Although cPanel was built on the LAMP platform, that doesn’t mean that a website using WebsitePanel can not leverage Apache, PHP and MySQL. In fact, WebsitePanel can give you a web based view of any services needed to run applications that are built for the LAMP platform. Just because it was built for LAMP doesn’t mean that it can’t run on Windows. Those who are used to the cPanel website portal will quickly grasp the concepts of managing a website using WebsitePanel.

Run ASP & .Net Applications with Ease

Perhaps the number one reason our clients buy Windows Server based hosting is the fact that they can deploy ASP and .Net applications over the web using our shared website hosting solution. Since Windows provides superior operability when it comes to ASP and .Net apps, hosting this code on our shared website platform could be a quick way for your to begin working on your project. Since your shared hosting account will be hosted on a server using an SSD drive and 1Gbps connection, your applications will function rapidly and responsively.

Administer Your Website On One Page

One of the more frustrating things for those wanting to setup a simple website is the amount of administrative overhead needed to go live. Since we have bundled WebsitePanel along with every shared hosting account, you won’t need to be an administrative whiz in order to setup your website to exact specifications. You’ll get all of the advanced options concerning your website’s behavior presented to you on one simple, easy to read screen on the WebsitePanel homepage for your website.