3 Commonly Hosted SEO Apps on Windows VPS

Website entrepreneurs utilize a variety of tools in order boost their website’s search engine ranking. Windows virtual private servers are often used for SEO purposes because it makes sense to host these resource intensive applications on a dedicated platform. These tools often require your machine to cycle through different proxy connections, perform data manipulation tasks or they could require your computer to transmit or download data at a rapid rate. When you look at what some of these applications actually do, it’s easy to see why a VPS is a much more suitable option versus building out a machine and plugging it into your home network.


ScrapeBox is among the top tools used by website marketers. ScrapeBox is an all in one suite that allows you to gain insight into your particular niche. ScrapeBox allows you to harvest URLs to gain insight into what your competitors are doing in regards to their backlink campaigns. You can back track links and reverse engineer how a certain website received its #1 ranking in a search engine.

Since ScrapeBox access multiple data streams repetitively, ScrapeBox can be configured to use a large list of proxy addresses to make it seem as if your connection is coming from a location other than the one where your VPS is being hosted. ScrapeBox also uses these proxy servers to automatically post comments onto blogs.

ScrapeBox even gives you the ability to blast your URL out to various blogs that you’ve harvested using the ping functionality. ScrapeBox is commonly used on a VPS because the software cripples desktop computers that do not have access to a robust internet connection.


Have you been searching for a way to get unique backlinks? GSA Search Engine Ranker is not just any SEO tool. GSA can be installed a VPS to find new websites that allow for link posting. Since GSA can work in an autonomous fashion, you can build backlinks in your sleep using GSA. GSA works differently than other SEO programs.

Other software requires you to provide a database of locations in which to submit the link. GSA does all of that work for you. GSA can be configured granularly in order to perfectly tailor your backlink plan. Operating an app like GSA on a VPS will allow you to speed up your search engine optimization endeavors. GSA on a VPS is the perfect set and forget backlinking solution.


XRumer is an SEO tool that targets forums. XRumer is a brilliant tool that can create and post content on forums found all over the web at once. XRumer is able to bypass normal security techniques that prevent automated posting onto message boards. Message board links are important to search engine marketers because these types of websites are usually where questions are asked and answered.

XRumer exploits this by building backlinks using forum websites. XRumer needs a high speed bandwidth solution as well as robust CPU and memory resources allocated to the host machine. This makes XRumer a perfect candidate for being an app that you would want to remotely host on a VPS. The more powerful your VPS, the more effective XRumer can be.

Tip: You can use your VPS to run one of these apps or all three. It’s entirely up to you!