How to Check CentOS Version

If you’re running CentOS you’ll feel the need to know the version you’re running, sooner than later. It might be that you installed CentOS very long ago and since then have upgraded many times, or maybe you’ve taken over the system from someone else and need to know the current version.

Perhaps you’re a developer making sure that the software libraries you are downloading are compatible with your version of CentOS. Whatever the case, finding the right version of CentOS is super-easy.

Assuming you’re on the command line, all you need to do is display the contents of the file /etc/issue:


$ cat /etc/issue


This will output something like this:


CentOS release 6.4 (Final)


And there, quite plainly, is written the CentOS version number. In our case it was 6.4, while you might see a different number.