Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam Windows VPS

New location in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

To help even more of our customers with their server hosting needs, we have decided to open up a new location in the bustling city of Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam. It is a great way for many businesses to cut costs by offering an affordable hosting solution. It will offer blazing fast uplinks on the Virtual Private Servers (VPS). The main goal of creating a new datacenter is to reduce latency which will ensure a faster response. Time is money and you don’t want to waste either while waiting for the information that you need to retrieve or send.
When you have the ability to host your VPS in Vietnam, you are able to not only receive the same speed but you will also be able to run SEO tools, server apps, or anything else your little heart desires. By using a datacenter that is located closer, you can gain the confidence that you will not have to deal with any delayed responses or retrieval.
It includes all of these great features:
• Utilization of RAID 50 storage array
• Close monitoring of uptime performance for a guarantee of 99.99% availability
• Customer support every hour of every day of the year
• Remote desktop access usage on various platforms: Mac, Android, Windows, and Linux
• In-depth analytics about your VPS

What does this mean for you?

Most businesses don’t have the capability to have a physical machine that is set aside specifically for hosting their information. That is mostly because it is very expensive. A single server can handle multiple VPS configurations which will allow you to get the same results without having to pay as much. It works great for those companies that can’t maintain an in-house server room, dealing with outdated material, or paying for expensive upgrades. Don’t settle for lagging screens and outdated servers when you can get the service that you need immediately with Cheapwindowsvps.com.
You need your VPS to be available all of the time because if it isn’t, you can lose a sale or a huge account. Every customer counts and every sale counts and you can’t afford to lose even one. We guarantee that your VPS will be available 99.99% of the time. Not only that our SSDs use RAID 50 which will automatically failover to a spare if your disk fails. Get the security and dependability that you need to stay successful. Call or contact us today to reserve your VPS!