Announcing Support for Ubuntu, Debian and CentOS – Cheap Linux VPS

Most modern web applications require the LAMP platform. CheapWindowsVPS is proud to announce that is has included Ubuntu, Debian and CentOS as operating system choices that you can select at checkout. Using one of these three Linux distributions, you can begin to build, install or host apps in a native Linux environment.

LAMP is an acronym for Linux Apache MySQL and PHP. LAMP is a popular standard for web developers. Virtual private servers are often used when teams begin building their development environment. Small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) often utilize Linux based virtual private servers.

Starting at $10 Per Month

Our value focused brand allows you get the maximum value for your hosting dollar. Our robust infrastructure allows you to choose which part of the globe you’d like to position your VPS. Each VPS comes standard with a 1Gbps burstable connection so that your web apps operate at their fullest capacity.

Instantly Activated – Use Linux Now!

When you buy a Linux server, your image is instantly to deployed to a server instance. You’ll receive a welcome email with a root admin password and instructions on how to use SSH in order to remotely login to your server.

If you’d like to remote into your server and use the GUI interface of your VPS, further configuration may be required depending upon the flavor of Linux you select at checkout. Most Linux admins prefer using a command line interface; check your specific distributions documentation if you’d like to configure a specific desktop environment such as KDE or GNOME.

64 Bit Operating Systems

In order to use all of the resources available to you on the host node, CheapWindowsVPS has made 64 bit versions of Ubuntu, Debian and CentOS available for install. There is no additional charge for these operating systems as they are freely available under open source licenses.

Host Advanced Services

Linux is preferred over Windows in some circumstances due to its lightweight nature. Some experts argue that Linux handles some workloads better than Windows. We’ll let you make that decision as it pertains to organization’s needs. Linux virtual private servers are often setup as PBX servers, a fax servers, or web servers.

Perfect for Web Hosting 

With a Linux based VPS, you can begin hosting websites in a breeze. If you are interested in reselling web hosting accounts, you could look at installing cPanel, Plesk or another type of GUI interface for website management. You could integrate these platforms with WHMCS and begin reselling web hosting accounts to your clients with a simple to use interface.

Visit our Linux VPS Plans page to Learn More about our Linux VPS offerings.