5 Popular Uses of a Windows VPS

A Windows virtual private server is an allocated Windows Server instance that is being hosted within a hypervisor. You can configure a Windows VPS with dedicated CPU and memory resources. This custom tailored setup ensures that your applications are functioning within a compliant environment. A Windows VPS can also be configured with different roles and features to meet your organization’s core objectives. You might be wondering, what are some popular uses for Windows VPS hosting?

SQL Database Hosting
Most organizations use SQL to organize, store and retrieve their data from databases. Windows Server is a highly versatile operating system that can host both MS-SQL, MySQL and other popular SQL database platforms. Some organizations decide to use Microsoft SQL Server or SQL Server Express on their Windows virtual private servers. Other utilize the SQL server as a backend for their website.

Website Hosting
Windows Server can be configured as a web server to store, host and deliver information to your website’s visitors. Internet Information Services can be configured inside of Windows Server to provide content via HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, FTPS, SMTP and NNTP. Windows Server and IIS supports the most popular web frameworks including PHP, ASP, .NET, Perl, Ruby and many more.

PowerShell Scripts
PowerShell scripts are created to automate tasks inside of Windows. PowerShell has become a sophisticated tool that allows users to automate desktop tasks with logic surrounding their commands. Why would you use a Windows VPS to run PowerShell tasks? Some PowerShell tasks can become memory intensive which is a perfect reason to delegate these workloads onto a VPS.
What can you do in PowerShell? You can use PowerShell to do anything you commonly do in Windows. If you are unsure on how to perform a task using PowerShell, a search engine such as Bing or Google will be your best friend. PowerShell is being used more increasingly in data scraping, data manipulation and business intelligence tasks. You could even configure your Windows Server VPS to run a PowerShell script at a certain time of day by using the Task Scheduler application inside of your Windows Server.

Virtual Desktop & RemoteApp Deployments
Windows Server can be deployed in a configuration that allows you to provide virtual desktop sessions to your end users using Active Directory authentication. Inside of Windows Server, there is a role called Remote Desktop Services that allows you configure Windows Server in a fashion that gives your end users a virtual desktop infrastructure to login to and begin working in an environment configured by an administrator.

You can install local applications and even configure RemoteApp in order to deliver specific applications to users. Please note that you would likely need a robust Windows VPS to allow multiple users to login to one session host. Many configurations utilize multiple Windows Server Session Hosts in efforts to achieve this configuration.

Windows Application Hosting
Many Windows applications may require a dedicated amount of systems resources. These applications could even be mission critical to your operation. Perhaps you’d like to install your applications on a Windows VPS in case of a disaster recovery scenario. Utilizing Windows VPS for your organization can help you deliver applications with the resources they need in order to flourish.
Windows VPS comes bundled with remote desktop capabilities which allows you to login to a Windows VPS instance from any smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computing device. As long as an app for the RDP protocol is available for your device, you should be able to login to the Windows VPS from that device. This includes Mac, Android, iOS, Windows, Linux and more.